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    Green Tea

    Green tea has become a more popular beverage in recent years due mainly to publicity about its many possible health benefits and has acquired the label of “superfood” due to high antioxidant content. Green tea is available in concentrated green tea capsules as well as a variety of Tea bags, and is a constituent of a number of Beauty & Skincare products.

    What does green tea do for you?

    As well as the usual antioxidant benefits it is claimed that high strength green tea capsules increase metabolism, lower Blood Pressure and blood sugar levels, and work well as a “brain booster”.

    Is it better to drink green tea or take supplements?

    It is said that the antioxidant activity of green tea works ever so slightly quicker and better when taken as a supplement, as opposed to being consumed as a herbal tea.

    What are green tea tablets used for?

    You may wish to use green tea tablets to combat tiredness and Fatigue or for normal amino acid synthesis.

    Does green tea clean your stomach?

    It might do! Green tea is believed to complete rejuvenate your digestive system, aiding any Digestion & Gut Health issues you may have.

    Can green tea help you sexually?

    Green tea contains the natural and antioxidant-rich phenol catechin, which is thought to encourage blood flow towards the male and female sex organs.

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