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    10 products

    Green Roads CBD - USA's No.1 Selling CBD Brand

    Green Roads leads the industry. Not only do Green Roads’ CBD oils contain the purest hemp-derived cannabidiol, infused with the highest quality nutrients found in nature, but they lead the industry in lab testing and consumer transparency. In fact, they are by far one of the biggest selling CBD brands in the USA, with over 7,000 stores stocking their products and winning numerous awards, however we noticed they hadn't properly entered the UK market yet, so we are hugely proud to offer these to our lovely customers.

    What Makes Green Roads CBD Stand Out?

    They are the number one privately held CBD company in the US by market share, while they came out gloriously at the Business Awards, gaining gold for the best CBD product last year. They have custom proprietary formulas and utilise 100% certified industrial hemp extracts grown in the USA. With the crops grown in the USA, they have to meet stringent rules on quality. They also use an innovative delivery system and have a non detectable quantity of THC.

    How Did The Green Roads CBD Brand Start?

    Quite a sweet story and sadly typical of issues in America currently, Arby Barroso was suffering with an addiction, however after meeting pharmacist Laura Baldwin and discussing CBD, an idea was born. It worked wonders on Arby and he returned to full health. They partnered together and begun work on creating a selection of products they could push to market which would help others in similar situations. Back at these early points, it consisted of Laura experimenting at her kitchen table, but the company has significantly grown since those days. They now have over 50 products, many of them award winning, becoming one of the global leaders in CBD.

    Who Is There Target Audience?

    They cite mums, millenials, weekend warriors, exercise enthusiasts, health care professionals, veterans, seniors, executives, pet owners and just about anyone wanting to maintain optimum health. So just about everyone is ideal to give the Green Roads CBD selection a try.

    What Do They Produce?

    You can choose what delivery method you'd prefer, whether it be sublinguals (under the tongue), topicals or ingestibles, all coming in various concentrations, volumes and flavours. They utilise an advanced CO2 extraction process for the greatest bioavailibility, while they are then thoroughly tested at a multi stage 3rd party lab to check for quality, potency and most importantly, safety. But so many brands highlight that they have been third party tested, yet you should follow this up. The beauty to Green Roads is they have a QR code on their bottles, linking you through to the 3rd party lab test results. We strongly recommend checking out their CBD oil as it has proven hugely popular at multiple awards.

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