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    Grapefruit is a subtropical citrus fruit that is rich fibre, Antioxidants and Other Nutrients. And as one of the healthiest citrus fruits you can eat, it's not surprising that grapefruit diet supplements are now becoming a popular choice for many to take. 

    What is grapefruit extract good for?

    A grapefruit seed extract supplement, like Viridian Grapefruit Seed Extract 400mg 90 Capsules, contains the active component naringenin, which possesses antioxidant & antimicrobial properties. With this in mind, these capsules could be used to help treat allergies, colds, Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis.

    Further research of grapefruit extract also suggests it reduce the risk of heart disease and support those on a strict Slimming & Weight Loss plan.

    Will grapefruit seed extract kill parasites?

    It might do! Many herbalists believe that grapefruit extract works by destroying the cell membranes of parasites, making them unable to reproduce in your Body.

    Can you take grapefruit seed extract everyday?

    Yes! Grapefruit seed extract capsules are generally considered safe for most people, with few side effects.

    Does grapefruit seed extract help sinus infections?

    It might do! As a natural antibiotic, grapefruit seed extract wards off viruses and bacteria, so there is no need to rule it out as a potential aid for sinus infections.

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