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    FruTeto Italia formerly The Fruit Tree

    FruTeto Italia offer a range of organic crushed fruit jams with all fruit sourced from Italy. This range is made without pectin, preservatives or refined sugars respectively, leaving only the finest, freshest ingredients packed into each and every jar or squeezable bottle.

    What makes FruTeto Italia's range of 100% pure fruit spreads so different to regular jams?

    The Fruit Tree's 100% pure fruit spreads are simply crushed fruit in a jar. Each 100g of fruit spread contains up to 150g of fruit, which is up to triple the amount normally used to make regular Jam.

    Where is The Fruit Tree's honey sourced from?

    The Fruit Tree's raw, organic, and premium grade quality honey is collected and cold-extracted by our artisan beekeepers in the foothills of the Italian Alps

    What are Fruit Tree nut honey's?

    The Fruit Tree nut honey's are the ideal replacement for those regular Hazelnut spreads, with a long list of artificial-sounding ingredients, on the market today. These raw, nut honey's have a creamy texture, and with only two natural ingredients, make for a delicious, guilt-free treat for kids.

    Why should I choose FruTeto Italia range?

    Because The Fruit Tree keep it simple. They simplify the ingredients list, keeping it to 1,2 or 3, and do not use any artificial additives, colours or preservatives in any of their products.

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