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Jams & Spreads

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Jams & Spreads

Jams and Spreads

Jams & Spreads can be used to spruce up your Bread, toast or Baking, when used as filing in home-baked treats. Make your life more sweet or fruitful with this extensive selection of products, below.

Is jam a spread?

Yes! Jam is considered a fruit spread made from a thick mixture of fruit, sugar, and pectin that is rapidly boiled gently until the fruit is soft and has a blob-like appearance.

So what's the difference between fruit spread and jam?

Fruit spreads (or preserves) feature 100% whole fruit or large pieces of fruit with no sugar added. Fruit spreads are usually lower in calories too, as fruit juice tends to replace the sugar in the recipe.

Is honey a spread?

As a syrup-like substance that is formed from nectar collected by bees, Honey is considered to be more of sweet sprea, ideal for your toast & bagels, than a sauce. Here at Natures Healthbox, we have vast selection of honey's, as well as Nut Butters and Chocolate spreads if you prefer.