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    What are elderberries?

    Elderberries (Sambucus) are the distinctively dark purple berries from the European Elder tree; Sambucus nigra. They have a long history of use as a folk remedy by both European and North American herbalists for their ​supposed range of health benefits.

    From Sambucol to A. Vogel, our range of elderberry products (below) are backed by science, where studies have recognised that elderberries have the richest source of antioxidant-rich flavonoids of all fruits.

    What is elderberry good for?

    Elderberries are used for their antioxidant activity to provide Immune Support, improve vision, and fight viral infections. Furthermore, some expert herbalists have suggested that the Antioxidants in elderberries may also contribute to healthy Hair growth.

    Is elderberry good for your skin?

    Yes! Antioxidant-rich elderberry Supplements offer a rich source of Vitamin C and Potassium. Adding vitamin C to your Skincare routine may help fight the harmful effects of free radicals, caused by sun exposure, while potassium may improve moisture levels and the overall feel of your Skin.

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