Curry Sauces & Pastes

41 products

    41 products

    Where can I buy curry sauce?

    Buy curry base sauce and paste online at Natures Healthbox and give the take away a miss this evening. For our unrivalled selection of Curry Sauces & Pastes (below) are specifically designed to help you make your own authentic tasting curry with ease. 

    Is there a difference between curry paste and curry sauce?

    There are a few notable differences between a curry paste and curry sauce, however you can easily create a curry sauce from paste by simply adding a suitable liquid - think Coconut Milk in a Thai Green Curry. The most obvious difference between a curry paste & sauce is consistency, as a curry paste is much thicker and usually features an assortment of dried Herbs & Spices.

    Can you buy ready made curry paste?

    Yes! You may wish to consider Turmeric Merchant Premium Turmeric Paste 200g or Zest Sundried Tomato Paste 170g, which can both be used in your home-made curry recipes.

    What curry sauces are there?

    Meridian Free From Korma Cooking Sauce 350g and Meridian Free From Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce 350g are just a few examples of curry sauces available at Natures Healthbox.

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