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    Coconut Palm Sugar

    If you're wondering where to buy coconut sugar, you've come to the right place! For Natures Healthbox have an unrivalled selection of coconut sugar products, sourced from some of the biggest brands on the natural & organic market today.

    What is coconut sugar?

    Coconut sugar (or coconut palm sugar) is made from the sap of the flowering bud stems, which grow on the coconut palm.

    Is coconut sugar better than sugar?

    Many consider coconut sugar a 100% natural, plant-based sweetener, which may be more nutritious than conventional sugar. 

    What are the health benefits of coconut sugar?

    Coconut sugar features the same Essential Fatty Acids found in coconuts, which are believed to promote Heart Health. It also contains inulin, a dietary fibre that encourages healthy Digestion.

    Is coconut sugar inflammatory?

    It might be! In an ever growing world of changing trends, there has always been a fixation towards raw Honey for its anti-inflammatory benefits. However, there are now those who suggest that coconut palm sugar could also be a worthy anti-inflammatory option too!

    Is coconut sugar keto?

    Unfortunately coconut sugar is one of those products, which unlike most Coconut Snacks or Coconut Flour, is NOT suitable for the Ketogenic diet.

    Is coconut sugar okay for diabetics?

    Coconut sugar is rapidly gaining popularity here in the UK, especially among diabetics and those who wish to avoid the “sugar rush” which is often experienced with white table sugar - this is because it has a lower glycaemic index. Our friends across the pond however are a little more sceptical, with the American Diabetes Association recommending that coconut palm sugar be used in the same way as regular sugar as it contains the same amount of carbohydrates & calories.

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