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    Natural Shots Packed With Premium Ingredients

    Bumblezest can be taken as a healthy shot on the go. Born out of a kitchen in London, crafting recipes using natural ingredients from around the world, Bumblezest only includes generous doses of healthy, functional ingredients.

    What type of ingredients can I expect to find within the Bumblezest range?

    Bumblezest only source and use all natural, GMO free, ethically sourced ingredients with no added sugars, colouring, additives or preservatives. These drinks are all Gluten Free, nut free, Dairy Free and lactose free.

    Bumblezest ingredients are made from extracts, powders, juices and a drop of natural sweeteners, such as Honey, agave and stevia.

    Who can consume these Natural Drinks?

    Bumblezest drinks are suitable for everyone except infants under the age of one, due to the potential risk of botulism. Unlike unpasteurised juices, Bumblezest is safe for children over the age of one, the elderly, pregnant & breastfeeding women (pregnant women with special conditions should consult their obstetric specialist), and those with a compromised Immune System.

    How do I best consume Bumblezest?

    Bumblezest drinks are designed to be taken as a health shot on the go.

    Why should I choose Bumblezest?

    Bumblezest is more than just a drink. Each Bumblezest product is specifically designed to help deal with the rigours of modern life by focusing on health, complexion, weight management, Vitality and overall well-being.

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