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    Bee Health - The UK's Leading Vitamin, Mineral & Supplement Manufacturer

    What is bee health?

    Bee Health is a leading UK vitamin, mineral and supplement manufacturer. Not only do they specialise in private label and contract manufacture for some of the world’s largest brands & retailers, they offer expertise and knowledge in ingredients derived from bee products, such as Propolis and Honey. From a state-of-the-art facility in Bridlington, Yorkshire, Bee Health are fully equipped to formulate, manufacture and package a wide variety of Vitamins, Minerals, supplements & superfoods including tablets, capsules, liquids, lozenges, creams and throat spray's.

    Why is bee health important?

    Bee Health is a British based company who are committed to research and the funding of clinical tests to prove the effectiveness of their amazing natural products. They were the first ever company to be awarded the Propolis Kitemark certification, which assures consumers that their products meet the high Government standards for purity, origin and active ingredients.

    What makes the Bee Health brand stand out?

    Since they first established in the North of England in 1992, Bee Health have grown from a small business specialising in bee-derived ingredients, to a leading UK Contract Manufacturer and health food supplement brand, which serves clients across the globe. Their dedicated team of pharmacologists, chemists and research scientists work with the finest ingredients sourced from around the world to provide customers with the most advanced formulas nutritional science has to offer. Their flexible approach and in-depth knowledge of formulation, promotion, export and global logistics lead the London Stock Exchange Group to name Bee Health as one of their‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’.

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