Vego Vegan Chocolate

Vego Vegan Chocolate

Vego Chocolate

Vego is a popular range of German made Chocolate products, which includes; Vego Chocolate Bar (in 2 sizes), Vego Chocolate SpreadVego White Chocolate and Vego Vegolino Vegan Pralines 180g. Each product is a perfect treat or lovely gift for your friends & family members.

Is Vego chocolate healthy?

Vego is made from only the best high-quality ingredients, such as whole Hazelnuts, hazelnut Cocoa cream and Italian hazelnut paste. This gives each Vego product, with the exception of the Vego White Chocolate and Almond Bar, a nutty and chocolatey taste reminiscent of Nutella.

Is Vego gluten free?

Yes! Vego chocolate is Gluten Free, organic and fairly traded too!

What chocolate spread is vegan?

Vego Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Spread 200g is! And unlike Nutella, does not contain any skim milk powder (an animal-derived ingredient). Vegans and vegetarians alike can lovingly spread Vego spread on their toast, eat it straight from the jar or stir it into a bowl of hot Porridge for their breakfast.

What is the best vegan chocolate?

Obviously, this is a matter of personal opinion but here at Natures Healthbox we think Vego Vegan Chocolate is a worthy contender. Once you've tried it, you'll certainly understand why many say its "the most delicious chocolate bar in the world".

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