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Tincture Tailor

Tincture Tailor

The UK's No. 1 choice for Cannabinoid Dosing


Tincture Tailor offers a unique range of CBD, CBG, CBC and energising and relaxing terpene blends, which you can use to build a routine that’s as unique as you are. Each product is designed to naturally support your energy levels, focus, and Sleep patterns.

Is CBD the same as CBG?


No not exactly, however for more information about CBD and CBG please check out our blog 'CBD vs CBG: What is the difference?'.

Who are Tincture Tailor?


Tincture Tailor is a wellbeing community for people who recognise the therapeutic potential of cannabis. They offer high quality cannabinoids and terpene products that are uniquely customisable and infinitely variable. Their unique range sources products previously only available in the United States as well as unique, fully lab tested blends crafted by their founders right here in the UK.

How did the Tincture Tailor brand begin?


Tincture Tailor was founded in 2021, however the concept of the brand began more than a decade ago, when founders Cat and Andrew started to experience the benefits of CBD dosing first-hand. The pair had always been advocates of the therapeutic cannabis market, and were closely connected to the medical cannabis industry so they knew the benefits of incorporating CBD into their daily routines. As the years passed by, their family grew and their lifestyles changed. A combination of stress and sleep deprivation took its toll on both their relationship and overall health. To make matters worse CBD didn’t seem to be cutting it anymore and the effects they used to feel had become a thing of the past. As part of an overall wellness evaluation Cat and Andrew began to investigate how they could get more from their cannabinoid routine. Starting as a personal voyage of discovery into what more the cannabis plant could offer them, they spent hour upon hour studying cannabinoids, terpenes, the Entourage Effect, domestic & international markets, product quality and the latest global research. This hard work paid off, and Cat & Andrew’s eyes were suddenly opened to the potential of the fascinating and lesser-known legal compounds within cannabis - CBG and CBC. The pair began tailoring their dosage to meet their health needs by importing high-quality, rare cannabinoid oils from overseas to create bespoke terpene blends at home. And thus Tincture Tailor was born.

What makes Tincture Tailor stand out?


They are the only cannabis wellness range to offer CBD, CBG and CBC oils as isolates, as well as 2 unique natural terpene blends proven to support sleep and your energy levels. This unique range allows you to tailor your dosage and make your cannabinoids work for your individual needs.

Which Tincture Tailor product should I use?


We are all biologically unique, with unique genetics, metabolism, weight, age, and health concerns. To add further complexity the way our bodies may respond one day could vary to the next, or at different stages of the year or our lives. With that said Tincture Tailor recommend starting with one of their CBD oils, particularly if you’ve never tried cannabinoids before. If you have tried CBD oil with limited results, then they recommend adding one of their CBG or CBC products to your routine rather than solely relying on CBD as your only cannabinoid. In summary, all of Tincture Tailor’s cannabis compounds may prove effective and valuable additions to your supplement routine and there is no reason you cannot use them all alongside each other. However as for what, when and how much, that is up to you to tailor for your unique physiology and requirements.