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Plant Based Soups & Curry Dishes

RIFCo is a producer of high quality, and 'really interesting', foods that are inspired by recipes from around the world. From moreish meals to sensational soups, RIFCo helps you to create a range of vibrant and imaginative dishes that bring a taste of the exotic to your very own Kitchen.

What is the most interesting food in the world?

Why not take yourself on a voyage of discovery with the The Really Interesting Food Company and find out. Perhaps it's the Mexican bean Soup, inspired by an ancient Tarascan Indian recipe, or a Thai green curry, which is inspired by the classic dish served throughout Thailand.

Which country has tastiest food?

According to a worldwide study conducted way back in 2016, Italy topped the charts as the country with the world's tastiest foods, however we at Natures Heathbox know that everyone is different, so what may tickle the taste buds of one individual may not another. Nevertheless you can be sure to find a Food to satisfy you and your families tummies with the extensive selection of meals by The Really Interesting Food Co.

Is The Really Interesting Food Company vegan?

Yes! All of The Really Interesting Food Company's foods (below) are suitable for vegans & vegetarians.

Is The Really Interesting Food Company gluten free?

Yes! All of The Really Interesting Food Company's delicious foods are made without gluten, wheat, dairy and GM.

Why should I buy RIFCo foods from Natures Healthbox?

Simmering with exciting flavours, yet free from artificial additives and preservatives, The Really Interesting Food Company is the definitive answer to that age old question "What is the most unusual food you have ever eaten?". For you no longer need to Travel the length and breadth of some far out places just to try some exotic dishes, when Natures Healthbox can bring The Really Interesting Food Company right to your door.