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Tenzing Energy Drink

Tenzing Energy Drink

Tenzing Energy Drink: A plant-based hit of natural caffeine, electrolytes & vitamin C.

These days, most Energy Drinks & Beverages are full of synthetic caffeine, artificial Mood boosters and loads of sugar. Tenzing is different, as this naturally energising drink is derived from guarana, Green Tea and Coffee beans, which provides you with a plant-based triple hit of natural caffeine, electrolytes, and Vitamin C.

Why Tenzing?

Tenzing Energy Drink is inspired by Sherpa Tenzing – one of the first two men to summit Mt. Everest - and developed by a former Red Bull marketing executive. After meeting the family of Sherpa Tenzing to talk about the natural, energising brews they used on high altitude expeditions, Tenzing Natural Energy Drink was born!

How will consuming a can of Tenzing benefit my body?

Tenzing contains natural caffeine from Green Coffee, which may offer a natural energy boost, while vitamin C (sourced from Indian Gooseberries) may help fight Fatigue. Electrolytes from Himalayan rock salt will help maintain hydration and the L-Theanine (from Green Tea) may encourage calmness.

Is Tenzing Natural Energy drink vegan friendly?

Yes! Tenzing is 100% vegan friendly.

Does Tenzing contain any artificial ingredients?

NoTenzing Natural Energy drinks are completely free from artificial ingredients and sweeteners. Even the can is recyclable too, and BPA free (an industrial chemical that is used to coat most canned drinks, which can seep into liquid within).