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Seagreens offers an extensive selection of vitamin and mineral Supplements, within a range of natural wholefood products that contain all the nutrients required to help maintain a healthy functioning Body. Available in capsule form or as granules, Seagreens is made entirely from Seaweed with nothing added or extracted.

Is Seagreens gluten free?

Yes! Seagreens is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and wheat free too!

Is Seagreens non GMO?

Yes! Seagreens is non GMO and free of contaminants, toxic metals and microbial pathogens.

Who are Seagreens?

Seagreens are the UK's leading seaweed brand and produce pure nutritional supplements of the finest quality. For more than twenty years Seagreens has produced the best European seaweeds available in convenient forms for our everyday diet. In the British Isles and Nordic region, they have set the standard for harvesting and production to human Food quality.

Why should I add seaweed to my daily diet?

Not all seaweeds are suitable but a number of species (on a large scale) can respond to the nutrient depletion in modern foods. Foods which upset our nutritional homeostasis, such as Coffee, alcohol or modified wheat, find their apotheosis in seaweed, as it can assist the body to rid itself of these chemical food additives &l contaminants.

Why is Seagreens seaweed so good?

Seagreens seaweed is a pure, wild wholefood source, which differs to many other dietary seaweed supplements that are often contain fillers and binders and none of the necessary trace elements to ensure bio-availability.

Seagreens seaweed is wild harvested too, at remote locations in the British Isles and Nordic regions. Only fresh, living wild plants are harvested, cleaned, air-dried and immediately cracked, milled and puréed to produce a range of convenient, digestible forms. Nothing is extracted and nothing is added.