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Salvestrol Natural Products

Salvestrol is a range of Food Supplements specifically designed for the fight towards better health. As 'Natures Defence', Salvestrol acts as a natural rescue mechanism for maintaining balanced human health.

What are Salvestrols?

Salvestrols are a sub-group of phytonutrients (plant derived compounds) essential for wellbeing that cannot be made in the Body and must therefore be supplied through the diet.

Why are Salvestrols important?

Salvestrols cannot be made in the body, and must therefore be supplied through our diet.

What do Salvestrols do?

Salvestrols are newly discovered micro-nutrients that are essential for maintaining balanced human health. They work inside cells that have failed to behave like normal cells - normal healthy cells stop dividing at the end of a natural life-cycle & dies. It has become clear that Salvestrols are used as part of the body’s natural cell cycle regulation.

What foods contain Salvestrols?

The foods highest in Salvestrols include fruit & vegetables primarily of a deep colour, such as organic oranges, blueberries, blackberries & grapes.

Why can't I obtain adequate levels of Salvestrols from my diet?

Even with a solely organic diet, there is no guarantee of obtaining adequate levels of Salvestrols from foods. Salvestrols are mostly found in the Skin, peel or rind of fruit and vegetables and in the modern diet, this is the part of the fruit or vegetable least appealing and often not consumed. Many of the modern varieties of fruit and vegetables have been bred to be less bitter too, so this has seen that the often bitter salvestrol component has been significantly reduced or removed.