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Salus - Herbal Teas , Juices & Syrups

The healing power of many plants has been known for generations. Salus has taken this knowledge and developed it further, bringing together a selection of herbal tonics and fresh plant juices for all of your natural health needs.

Is herbal tonic good for you?

Yes, we think so! Salus-Haus liquid preparations have been created according to the principle that the Herbs enhance each other's effects. They are designed to support and strengthen your organs, body functions, and your metabolic processes.

What herbs are good for juicing?

Dandelion certainly is, which is why Salus have made Salus Dandelion Plant Juice 200ml. However, all of the tonic recipes that you see below, including their production processes, are in tune with the modern understanding of herbal medicine. Vitality and regeneration for body and MindSalus-Haus tonics are beneficial compositions with a pleasant taste.

Does your body absorb nutrients from juice?

It takes almost 350g of plant to make a bottle of Salus plant juice tonic. By harvesting early morning at optimum ripeness and using specialized pressing techniques, the final product is bottled within mere hours. This means the whole goodness of the fresh plant makes it to you, such as the enzymes, trace elements Vitamins and Minerals. This complex of active ingredients is contained as a natural composition of the undiluted juice in concentrated form and is particularly easily absorbed by your body.

Are natural flavours artificial?

No! All Salus tonics are free from artificial colouring, artificial flavours, chemical preservatives, and genetically modified agricultural raw materials.

Who is Salus?

Salus-Haus is a Bavarian company that manufactures some well known herbal products available on the market, including the award winning Floradix Liquid Iron Formula.