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Mynd Drinks

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Mynd Drinks

The UK’s No. 1 Choice for Plant-Based CBD Drinks


MYND brings nature, health and science together in a can. It is expertly crafted, backed and tested by a leading team of scientists. Alongside real, plant-based ingredients, MYND CBD drinks feature SORSE, the most consistent stable and safe water soluble solution. And while SORSE may be used by some other brands, Mynd maximises its benefit by pasteurising versus adding chemicals to ensure a crisp, clean taste with none of that bitter aftertaste.

Is Mynd an energy drink?


No, it is a wellness and recovery drink that was shortlisted for the 'New Drink Product Of The Year' in 2021. It comes in lemon & ginger, orange & mango, elderberry & passion fruit flavours, and is THC free.

What is CBD?


For more information on CBD, please check out our blog 'CBD: Cannabidol Claptrap or Super Supplement?'.

What does CBD in drinks do?


They provide your body the best benefit possible from every single drop. MYND CBD drinks are vegan and gluten free, contain no added chemicals or sugar, and only contain ten calories too!

What makes MYND stand out?


All CBD Infused Drinks aren't created equal, however MYND has created a 100% plant based CBD drink that not only tastes good, but makes you feel good too. It is designed to provide you with the safest, highest quality, best tasting CBD beverage out there. It provides nothing but the highest quality ingredients all derived from nature, alongside a 25ml dose of CBD in every can. Furthermore, MYND has notable backing and endorsements from some of Ireland’s sporting greats. Retired rugby player Alan Quinlan, MMA fighter Cian Cowley and GAA players Brian Hurley and Diarmuid O’Sullivan are not only fans of the brand but have invested into it. Alan Quinlan, a now famous Irish weather presenter, was quoted as saying that “Mynd is a game changer, which not only tastes great but also makes you feel great”.

Where was MYND made & founded?


MYND was originally founded by Simon Allen in Cork Ireland, back in 2020, but as we now know has additional partners from the Irish sporting world. MYND is still made in Cork, but also has two other production facilities in Bristol, England and Chicago, U.S.A.

Who are MYND's target consumers?


Despite its heavy sports backing you could be forgiven for thinking that MYND is only for sporty types of people but this isn't the case. After all, we all experience those periods in the day where we feel a little sleepy or stressed, and Mynd can give you a bit of a lift and help you to refocus. MYND can also help us to relax too, and may even aid those niggling joint pains we get as we get older.