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CBD Infused Drinks

CBD Infused Drinks

CBD Infused Drinks

Check out our selection of CBD Infused Drinks, below, which have been infused with EU-approved industrial strain Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol); a non-psychoactive molecule found in cannabis. With a recent surge in popularity of CBD Drinks & Beverages, which at present includes everything from CBD Water, CBD Tea, CBD non-alcoholic wine, CBD Kombucha and cold brew CBD Coffee, you can be sure that Natures Healthbox will continue to add to this ever growing range of CBD products.

How are CBD Infused Drinks made?

The process of making a CBD Infused Drinks all depends upon the type of drink itself. For example, the beverage is created as normal – tea is brewed, water is filtered, and then treated as is necessaryCBD is infused at the latter end of the production process, essentially completing the final product.

Can I consume CBD Infused Drinks legally within the UK?

Yes! In the UK, CBD is legal for purchase and consumption. as long as it has less than 0.2% of the psychoactive ­tetra­­­hydro­­cannabinol (THC). All of our listed CBD Infused Drinks come from highly reputable CBD brands, who manufacture their products to strict EU guidelines.

Will I get high from drinking a CBD Infused Drink?

No! Because CBD is non-psychoactive, it will not provide the “high” that individuals get from ingesting marijuana.

How do CBD Infused Drinks benefit my body?

Drinks infused with CBD Oil are recommended as the ideal choice for those who are interested in health & wellness. There are, however, no clear facts to suggest that CBD Infused Drinks will benefit your Body in any way but CBD itself is believed to help decrease muscle & joint pain, reduce inflammation, improve Sleep. and reduce Anxiety.

Can't I just put CBD oil into my drink?

No, we wouldn't recommend this. CBD oil should be taken sublingually, meaning held under the tongue for a couple of minutes, so it is absorbed into the blood stream efficiently. CBD drinks are constructed so that they are water soluble and aren't just wasted the moment they reach your stomach. For this reason, you're better off either having CBD oil or an infused drink.

Why are these growing in popularity?

One of the biggest factors is there presence in an increasing number of cafes and restaurants. With their presence more commonplace, it allows people to easily try CBD for the first time with minimal questions. At the same time, they also offer a convenient consumption method with minimal effort. But best of all, plenty of these drinks taste great, whereas many people cannot stand the taste of unflavoured CBD oil, offering a very distinctive after taste. If you struggle with the flavour, this offers a unique option, much like CBD gummies.