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LoveRaw: Epic vegan chocolate.

LoveRaw make vegan friendly Dairy Free Chocolate that tastes just like normal Chocolate. Based in Manchester, England, LoveRaw are chocolate first, vegan second because we don't believe anyone should have to sacrifice on great taste. So whether you're a vegan, non-vegan or an unvegan vegan, there's no doubt that our selection below will prove to you that vegan chocolate can be decadently indulgent & will tantalize your taste buds. Come feel the love & take a bite, you won't regret it...

Is loveraw raw?

No! LoveRaw is a brand name that reflects the organisations ethos and roots; to be honest, transparent and real - no artificial nonsense!

What chocolate is free from palm oil?

LowRaw chocolate is! LoveRaw want to make it easy for you to enjoy your favourite chocolates without feeling any added guilt! That's why their products contain no dairy, no palm oil, no artificial flavours and no added nonsense.

Is LoveRaw gluten free?

While LoveRaw Butter Cups and LoveRaw Chocolate Bars use Gluten Free ingredients, the factory in which they are produced do handle gluten so they may contain traces.

Does LoveRaw contain nuts?

Yes! All LoveRaw products contain Nuts.

Does LoveRaw contain sugar?

Yes! Sugar is included in the majority of LoveRaw products to ensure a taste that is as close to real milk chocolate as possible.

How long do LoveRaw products last?

LoveRaw products are free from preservatives & other nasty stuff, so our their shelf life is twelve months from the date of manufacture.