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Lepicol: A multi-fibre source product.

What is Lepicol used for?

Lepicol is a three-in-one combination of gentle psyllium husk fibre supplement, live bacterial cultures and inulin. It contributes to the maintenance of a normal bowel transit.

Does Lepicol help constipation?

As Lepicol works to increase bowel movements, it is safe to assume that the supplement may reduce the symptoms of Constipation.

Can I take Lepicol daily?

Lepicol is a natural product and is therefore safe to take long term, however some people may use Lepicol at key times in their life e.g. stressful periods or when travelling abroad. The key thing is to ensure the consumption of enough fluids during and after taking Lepicol.

What is the difference between Lepicol capsules and Lepicol powders?

Natures Healthbox offers Lepicol in both powder and capsule forms for your individual preference.  For every tsp of the powder Lepicol recommends four capsules. It is said that regular Lepicol users find the powder easier to take on a daily basis but the capsules can be useful when travelling abroad.

How do you maintain normal flora?

The trillions of microflora that can be found in the human gastrointestinal tract play an essential role in supporting and maintaining strong immune and digestive systems, so having the optimum balance of these beneficial bacteria is important. A number of factors can compromise this balance, including antibiotic therapy, infection, StressTravel or a period of unhealthy nutrition or lifestyle. An effective solution is to supplement the microflora by taking a multi-strain live bacteria supplement to restore the balance.

When should I take Lepicol?

Lepicol recommends taking their supplement at least 30 minutes before a meal.

Who is Lepicol?

Lepicol was first introduced by the Lepicol (Healthy Bowels) Company by founding member Peter Jackson, way back in 1999. It was Mr Jackson (a sufferer of IBS) who developed Lepicol’s unique formula after concern for his own bowel health. Protexin acquired Lepicol in 2011, a company with a 25 year history in designing innovative research-based products that are all made from high quality ingredients.