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Kaam Pharma

Kaam Pharma

Kaam Pharma CBD Patches To Offer A Constant Release

CBD oil might be the most popular supplement within the industry, but not everyone enjoys the taste or likes holding liquid under there tongue for 1-2 minutes, therefore a number of brands like Kaam Pharma have embraced innovative product creations to bring CBD in different consumption methods, hence CBD patches. Kaam Pharma products are registered with the EU CPNP, which is the cosmetic products notification portal. 

Why Use A CBD Patch?

There could be a wide range of reasons why you would opt for a patch. Firstly, unlike many other consumption methods, patches allow for a constant release into the system, meaning you can remain topped up for the entire day. They're also great for people who don't like the taste of CBD oil.

Does It Make A Difference Where You Put It On Your Skin?

Their website highlights the various positions on the body you could put it based on various aches and pains you might have. The most popular options are on your shoulders, lower back, upper back, thigh or the neck.

How Does It Work?

You place a patch onto your skin and then leave it on your skin all day. You can put it on your skin first thing in the morning and then leave it on till the next morning where you take it off and replace it with another. I'd recommend giving your arm a quick wash after taking it off, then dry your arm and place another one on. You can place on more than one in 24 hours, but they don't recommend going over 5 cbd patches.