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Happy Butter Ghee

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Happy Butter Ghee

Happy Butter: Organic Grassfed Ghee

Happy Butter Ghee is hand churned in Devon using only locally sourced West country Organic cultured Butter. There is no imported ingredients in Happy Butter Ghee, and with low Food miles, it's not only supporting the best of British but also ensures it is the most delicious and nutritious Ghee available!

What is Ghee and how does it compare to regular butter?

Regular butter is composed of 3 ingredients, which includes milk solids, butterfat, and water. By removing these milk solids and water, you're left with ghee, a type of clarified butter that is simmered longer to bring out the butter’s inherent nutty flavour.

How does Happy Butter Ghee benefit my body?

Happy Butter Ghee is a multi-use fat similiar to Coconut Oil, which benefits your Body in various ways. It can be used topically to treat burns, and has rich moisturising properties that are beneficial towards your Skin and scalp. The absence of milk solids leaves Happy Butter Ghee with a significantly high smoke point, which makes it a lot easier to cook with too!