Egyptian Magic Skin Cream

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream

Egyptian Magic: Professional skin cream with a magical touch.

Egyptian Magic has been on the market for over twenty years and has grown through word of mouth into one of the most popular all-natural Skin creams in the world.

Is Egyptian Magic natural?

Yes, absolutely! Egyptian Magic is a true 100% clean formula, with no additives, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals or parabens.

What's in Egyptian Magic Cream?

Egyptian Magic Healing Skin Cream Ingredients include; Honey, beeswax, Olive oil, royal jelly, Bee Pollen and bee Propolis. A unique manufacturing process combines these 6 simple ingredients to create a moisturising balm unlike any other!

What is Egyptian Magic Cream used for?

This incredibly versatile ‪‎Moisturiser can be used for everything! Egyptian Magic Skin Cream Uses include healing Cuts & Grazes to smoothing stretch marks, and rehydrating dry/chapped Lips. Egyptian Magic has also achieved a cult-status following too, with endorsements from the number one selling, female music artist; Rihanna.

Does Egyptian Magic help acne?

It might do! Don't be fooled by Egyptian Magic's "greasy" appearance, for one of it's six amazing ingredients, olive oil, has a history of use for the treatment of Acne scars.

Does Egyptian Magic help eczema?

It's not out of the question! Many users of Egyptian Magic have reportedly suggested that their outbreaks of Eczema & Psoriasis have improved with a regular application of this unique cream.

Does Egyptian Magic Cream lighten skin?

There is nothing to suggest that Egyptian Magic Cream will work to lighten your skin but it is often used as a skin primer to give a unique glow and prepare skin for Make Up. In fact, many of the worlds most famous make-up artists rely on it at events, like Fashion Week, to create a dewy and glowing look on their models.

What are the benefits of Egyptian Magic Cream?

It's fair to say that when we say Egyptian Magic Cream is a multi-purpose product, we really mean it! This 100% natural balm has been used as a Face moisturiser, an Eye cream, a Hair mask, a shaving balm and a baby cream, as it works wonders on skin irritations & redness. Be sure to buy one from Natures Healthbox today and pop it in your first aid box when it arrives.

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