Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate: Seriously good chocolate.

Natures Healthbox is the answer to that aged old question "Where can I buy divine chocolate?". For our unrivalled selection of Divines most popular chocolates utilise the amazing power of Chocolate to delight and engage!

Is Divine Chocolate Fair Trade?

Yes! 100% of Divine Chocolates are Fairtrade and all the ingredients that can be Fairtrade are fairly traded too!

Is Divine Chocolate good?

Yes, we think so! Divine is the only Fairtrade chocolate company owned by farmers and is on a mission to tackle inequality in the cocoa industry. They provide Kuapa Kokoo farmers (who grow the cocoa that makes Divine so delicious) with a greater share of the wealth by ensuring a Fairtrade price & premium on the sale of their beans, as well as a share of Divine’s profits. This means that these farmers have more to invest in their families, farms and communities.

What Chocolate Can vegetarians eat?

All Divine products are suitable for vegetarians.

What chocolate is free from palm oil?

All Divine's products are palm oil free and made with natural ingredients.

What kind of chocolate can diabetics eat?

Divine Chocolate does not produce diabetic chocolate, however Divine 85% Dark Chocolate 100g - Pack of 3 is the most suitable Divine Chocolate for diabetics if eaten in moderation, as it contains less Sugar and a higher level of Cocoa than their other products.

Why should I choose Divine Chocolate?

Divine Chocolate is made with the best of everything - top quality cocoa, natural Cocoa Butter and Vanilla - and that is what makes it so good and delicious. Divine is certainly one of the best chocolate brands out there right now, with all of their products featuring only the very best natural ingredients, which most individuals can enjoy as a treat or as part of a balanced diet.

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