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Chikko Not Coffee

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Chikko Not Coffee

The No. 1 Coffee Alternative From Nature


Chikko Not Coffee is a delicious beverage with a velvety flavour and a subtle bitterness. If you brew it like a latte or cappuccino, the resemblance to Coffee is uncanny!

What makes Chikko stand out?


Chikko is not coffee. It is a caffeine-free coffee alternative. Coffee contains caffeine. Everyone knows that, and that is precisely why almost everyone consumes it. Caffeine gives you an active feeling, partly because of the production of adrenaline. Sometimes that's okay. However, for many people it has become a habit to drink a lot of coffee. So you live in a constant rush of coffee. That makes you feel agitated. Chikko thinks that's not good and so they are here to help.

What does Chikko produce?


Chikko is available in three flavours. One is made from organic roasted spelt, another from organic roasted chicory root, and one late mix made from a combination of Ginger, Turmeric and Cinnamon. The smell and taste of all these products is similar to coffee, however the cultivation of spelt and chicory in particular is much less harmful to the environment - there are less nutrients required and much less water involved.

Is chicory coffee caffeine free?


Yes. Both Chikko’s chicory and spelt coffee alternatives are caffeine free. In fact, both are 100% decaf by nature, as well as 100% organic. Chikko Not Coffee Roasted Chicory 100g is also gluten free.

Who are Chikko's target consumers?


If you are someone who believes in using your body’s natural energy to live, or are looking to get away from decaffeinated coffee, which is usually made through a chemical process with the substance dichloromethane (DCM), then Chikko Not Coffee is for you. This range of caffeine-free coffee alternatives prevent restlessness, helping to keep you calm and relaxed.