CB.DO: The World's First Multifunction CBD Oil Tablet.

CB.DO products are changing the CBD industry with a range of simple and cost effective, daily CBD Supplements.

What is CBD? 

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of over 400 natural compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant also known as Hemp. CB.DO uses an extraction method called supercritical CO2 extraction which is the ‘gold standard’ for cannabidiol extraction to ensure that the CBD cannabinoid is extracted in the cleanest way possible.

Is it safe to take CBD supplements?

Yes! CB.DO CBD supplements contain only the very best certified vegan ingredients that have been lab tested for purity & strength. Each tablet is made of broad spectrum CBD Water soluble powder with no impurities or residual solvents.

Do CBD supplements get you high?

No! CB.DO CBD supplements are certified 0.00% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol; the main psychoactive compound in cannabis that gets you 'high').

Does CBD really do anything?

It might do! Although it is scientifically unclear what medical benefits CBD has on the Body, CB.DO's hexagon shaped tablets are correctly dosed to give you the optimum level of CBD without the confusion of different strengths, doses & delivery methods. They are also crammed full of other well-known natural plant-based remedies to give you maximum benefits depending on whether you need more rest, more Energy, a Brain boost or to help your Immune System and Joints.

How much CB.DO should I take?

CB.DO offers precisely dosed, easy-to-swallow tablets stored in a neat tin for quick dosing on-the-go. Each product takes away the confusion and calculates the optimum quantity of CBD based on an average person’s body weight and body chemistry.

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