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BioBloom CBD

BioBloom CBD Oils & Teas

BioBloom offer a range of high-quality organic Hemp flowers and other products containing cannabinoid extracts. The unique BioBloom CBD extraction process guarantees that all natural Nutrients contained in the plants and the phyto-active components are preserved, which provides you with a highly bio-active range of hemp products.

What is CBD? Is it the same as Hemp?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is one of over sixty naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds found in Cannabis. CBD and hemp oils are derived from different organic substances that are formed in the annual herbaceous flowering plant's secretions but it's important to note that neither of these oils have psychoactive effects.

Are BioBloom hemp products legal?

Yes!  BioBloom products are extracted from exclusively EU-certified industrial hemp. These varieties are authorized by the EU and only contain small traces of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC < 0,2%). Thus, the varieties are not amenable to the Narcotic Substances Act.

How might the BioBloom range benefit my body?

BioBloom see it as their mission to produce the valuable ingredients of the hemp plant, which have been used for thousands of years in numerous crops to relieve illnesses and achieve health well-being. The high-quality ingredients in BioBloom make each product especially helpful against restlessness, for relaxation, and as part of a healthy diet.

Do BioBloom CBD Hemp drops contain any artificial additives?

No! BioBloom CBD Hemp Drops were developed in close collaboration between BioBloom and the patient association Arge Canna. The result is a 100% natural product which is neither enriched with isolated CBD nor any other artificial additives.

What is the difference between hemp tea & BioBloom Hemp Flower Tea?

Hemp tea is mostly composed of a great percentage of hemp leaves. The health-promoting ingredients (Cannabinoids, Flavonoids, Terpenes, etc.) of the hemp plants are to be found in their most concentrated form in the hemp flower, which is why BioBloom only use 100% pure & hand-crafted organic hemp flowers in all of their teas.

Are BioBloom Organic Hemp Seeds gluten free?

Yes! Not only are BioBloom Organic Hemp Seeds Gluten Free, they are also lactose free and vegan.

Why should I choose BioBloom?

BioBloom is an internationally recognised company that specializes in the production of organically grown and carefully processed hemp flowers and products (containing their cannabinoid extracts) for the health sector. BioBloom work closely with their research partners to continually further develop all of their products to ensure that this extensive selection (below) meets the specific needs of their consumers. And not only do BioBloom take care to ensure the highest possible quality, they also ensure the best cost efficiency for their customers & active partners too!

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