Bays Kitchen

Bays Kitchen

Bays Kitchen: Award-winning IBS friendly foods.

What brands are low Fodmap?

Bay’s Kitchen was born from a desire to create a new range of low FODMAP Food products to help fellow IBS sufferers find food which is low in FODMAP’s, yet tastes great and is convenient for our fast-paced lives.

Is Bay's Kitchen vegan?

Bay’s Kitchen Sauces are vegan approved, and some of their other products maybe suitable for vegans too! - see product description to clarify vegan friendly certification.

Is Bay’s Kitchen gluten free?

Yes! To give you peace of mind, Bay’s Kitchen always certify their products to be Low FODMAP and Gluten Free, to help you enjoy food yet live a more symptom free life!

What can you not eat on a low Fodmap diet?

Examples of foods that should be avoided by those people on a low FODMAP diet include wheat, lentils, lactose, beans, dairy products, artificial sweeteners and some fruits & vegetables.

I'm not on a low FODMAP diet. Can I eat Bay’s Kitchen foods?

Yes! Bay’s Kitchen can be enjoyed by all the family, however it is not advisable to only eat low FODMAP foods unless you have been advised to do so by a medical professional. Anyone not on the diet can enjoy these foods (above), but just ensure it is part of your usual balanced diet.

How do I store Bay's Kitchen products?

All Bay’s Kitchen products are ambient, meaning they can be stored in a Kitchen cupboard rather than fridge or freezer before opening. Once opened however, the soups, sauces & gravies should be stored in the fridge and promptly consumed. Bay’s Kitchen concentrated stocks should also be stored in your fridge but will keep for one month, once opened.

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