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Ayumi Skincare

Ayumi Skincare

Ayumi Naturals - Ayurvedic Hair & Skincare

Ayumi's Hair and Skincare products harmonize the ancient beauty practices of Ayurveda with modern living and practices. This range of clean and natural products are competitively priced and give effective and visible results.

What makes Ayumi stand out?

They believe in plant power to give naturally effective results for your hair and skin.Their range has been formulated with the ancient teachings of Ayurveda at its core, and the traditional Indian ingredients at the forefront. Ayumi brings common ingredients used in India and other Asian countries within family generations, to a Western environment. 

How did Ayumi begin?

The name Ayumi was born from the ‘Miracle of Ayurveda’, however the Ayumi brand launched more than ten years ago, originally starting out with our three skincare ranges. Created by a dedicated team at Fudco, a family owned business & one of the leading brands and suppliers in the ethnic food market, Ayumi blossomed from three simple skincare products into a huge variety of different products, like massage oils to henna powders.

What is Ayurvedic skincare?

Ayumi's Ayurveda skincare range spawns a rejuvenating experience that protects, calms and nourishes your hair, Skin and Body. Drawing on the ancient power of Ayurvedic principles, each Ayumi product features an unfurling bouquet of plant extracts, Herbs, flowers, Essential Oils, and Minerals, which give you that personal touch.

Who is Ayumi's target audience?

Ayumi fits into the busiest beauty routine, and can be used by men or women of all ages. Interpreting the benefits of calming rose, soothing sandalwood, healing turmeric and purifying Neem among many others, Ayumi use only the finest natural ingredients to ensure that their products give a glowing radiance, and are also safe to use.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the traditional healing system of India which dates back approximately 5,000 years. It is thought to be the oldest-surviving medical system in the world and embraces medical science, philosophy, psychology, alchemy and spiritual understanding. Ayurveda is based on the belief that wellness depends on a balance between the mind, body & spirit, and while the recent popularity of Ayurveda has continued to sweep the globe, it is only now that Ayumi has established a beauty range which combines these ancient holistic benefits with modern day quality and compliance on safety.