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Atlantic Kitchen

Atlantic Kitchen

Atlantic Kitchen - Edible Seaweed from the Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Kitchen believe that the best tastes in life are wild. They feel that the most wonderfully wild tastes of all can be found in the pure waters of the Atlantic Ocean, which is why their range of organic Seaweed products offer all that Atlantic goodness from the sea, straight to your plate.

How did Atlantic Kitchen start?

Atlantic Kitchen started in 2012 after its founder, Ruth, discovered the benefits of seaweed from a close friend. Ruth couldn't believe that seaweed wasn't more widely recognised as a superfood, and so promptly set out to change that. She knew that the best tastes of nature were, and always have been, organic and wild, so started with a team of seaweed harvesters in Ireland to source the finest seaweed from the Atlantic ocean.

Is Atlantic Kitchen seaweed ethically & sustainably crafted?

All Atlantic Kitchen seaweed is sustainably and ethically crafted. It is sustainable because it is harvested by hand in batches at the peak of the season, while still alive, and is ethical because Atlantic Kitchen work with local businesses who employ local people who have worked & lived by the coast for generations.

Who is their target audience?

Our Atlantic Kitchen range of products are ideal for those who have fallen in love with eating seaweed or simply want to give it a try. Seaweed is a wonderfully versatile savoury ingredient that also happens to be packed with the vitamins and minerals we need to thrive. Try toasted Atlantic Kitchen Organic Wildcrafted Dulse Seaweed 40g sprinkled over eggs or Atlantic Kitchen Organic Wildcrafted Sea Spaghetti 50g with broccoli and lashings of olive oil and lemon. You can even use Atlantic Kitchen Organic Wildcrafted Wakame Seaweed 50g as part of a simple salad, when you add honey, pumpkin seeds and a splash of apple cider vinegar.