Anzupp Hand Sanitisers

Anzupp Hand Sanitisers

Anzupp: Hand sanitisers with personality.

Anzupp is a Hand Sanitiser brand with a personality. Because let's be honest, a sense of humour is almost as essential to health as good hand hygiene. Created in the years of the “new normal” (what was the old normal again?), when a serious global pandemic struck, Anzupp truly stands out among other similar brands, thanks to its bright coloured packaging, delicious smelling scents, and quirky product names.

How long does hand sanitizer kill germs on your hands?

Anzupp alcohol gel hand sanitisers are proven to kill harmful germs and bacteria. It contains at least 70% alcohol, and should therefore kill 99.9% of the bacteria on your Hands within 30 seconds of application.

Can I use Anzupp during Coronavirus?

Yes! Anzupp hand sanitisers were made during the UK Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. As a 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer, Anzupp more than conforms to the CDC's (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) preferred form of hand hygiene products during COVID-19.

Where are Anzupp hand sanitisers made?

Anzupp is made right here in the UK, in Towcester, Northamptonshire.

Is it harmful to eat with hands right after using hand sanitizer?

No! Using a hand sanitiser like Anzupp, before handling your Food is generally considered safe.

Is hand sanitizer good for hands?

The CDC recommends washing your hands with Soap and water whenever possible, however when this is not possible, an alcohol-based hand sanitiser like Anzupp is more than sufficient.

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