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Amaizin Organic

Amaizin Organic

Amaizin Organic - Healthy foods inspired by local recipes

Amaizin Organic is a range of healthy Food products inspired by local recipes, from Sri Lanka to Mexico, and everything in between. Amaizin travel the globe, working with the finest local producers, to create delicious, organic Snacks and exotic meal ingredients, such as:

  • Amaizin Organic Tortilla Wraps and Soya Bean Noodles (rich in fibre & protein).
  • Authentic Asian curry pastes (without added cane or beet sugar).
  • Creamy rich organic coconut products (from the sunny isle of Sri Lanka).
  • Ready to eat exotic Beans and Lentils (an essential part of any healthy diet thanks to their great nutritional benefits).

What makes Amaizin Organic stand out?

Amaizin Organic makes the world more sustainable in a fun way. They use only the best organic ingredients from farmers with whom it has been cooperating for more than thirty years. Together they work on 1 goal: "Eat the world a better place”.

Who is their target audience?

Amaizin Organic provides so many colours and so many tastes to capable chefs and those just starting out in the Kitchen. Their 'goodies from nature' help cooks from all walks of life on their way, with the finest selection of the most indispensable ingredients from around the world. Whatever your culinary skills, you can be sure to create something truly unique for you and your loved ones.