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Alara Cereals

Alara Cereals

Organic & Gluten Free Muesli & Porridge Oats

Alara was the first company in the UK to be registered with the Coeliac Society. During production, every Alara Breakfast Cereal is packed with enough seeds, whole grains and fruit to ensure a healthy balance of nutrition, and the perfect way to start your day. With the inclusion of superfoods, such as Goji Berries (a rich source of antioxidants) or Cacao Nibs (full of nutrients for mood enhancement), you can be sure that every cereal has great nutritional properties and are ideal for those avoiding gluten, on a detox, or those just seeking a high-quality breakfast cereal.

How did Alara Wholefoods begin?

Alex Smith founded Alara Wholefoods in the mid 1970's. He was active in the squatting movement of the early 1970's and lived without money for almost a year. In 1975 he picked up £2 in the streets of London and spent it wisely; taking a van around New Covent Garden Market to gather fruits and vegetables which were to go to waste. He sold these fruit & vegetables in a squatting shop, which went on to become one of the first health shops in the area. For the first few years this shop went on to sell flakes, fruits, dried fruit, seeds and nuts, and by 1977 these were used in a mix of ingredients that now forms the ever popular, sugar free Alara muesli recipe.

What makes Alara Wholefoods stand out?

Alara was instrumental in establishing the Organic Arable Group, which connects small organic farms and has helped the development of the British organic oat sector. There focus has always been on clean, healthy food. In 1988, Alara was licensed by the Soil Association to produce the first Organic certified cereal in the world. All of their packaging is plastic free too. This is another development in there journey to inspire people to choose delicious and sustainable food. The inner bag is made of plant based film and is completely compostable and non-toxic to the environment. It is just as durable as ordinary plastic packaging, but will breakdown in home composting conditions. This film is made from renewable resources such as plant fibres, reducing the reliance on petrochemicals.

Why should I choose Alara?

This selection of tasty, healthy and innovative cereals (below) have been made without added salt, sugar and fats. These high-quality, breakfast varieties include Gluten Free, fairtrade, and nut free Granola & Mueslis, as well as a luxurious porridge, with the majority made from organic Scottish oats that are grown in the rich agricultural lands of Aberdeen.