10 Turmeric Latte Benefits


Turmeric has become the immune system boosting ingredient of the year, with it being added to almost everything, from smoothies to humous. Over in America, it was ranked the 5th most purchased herbal supplement in 2017, up from 10th in 2016, while it is perceived to be even higher in 2018/19.

It’s not for no reason however this Indian drink has become a popular option for those after the health benefits of turmeric. But if you’re not fully aware of all the benefits, read on for our complete review. You can find out how to make turmeric latte through our guide. Also, don’t forget to take a look at our turmeric supplements to see what’s available to you.

1) It Works Wonders On your Skin

Hollywood celebrities have been trying turmeric face masks, turmeric shots and turmeric smoothies by the bulk load, insisting on its skin quality attributes. Well these remarks are backed up, with the anti-inflammatory properties working amazingly at reducing irritation on the skin, something many of us suffer from.

But it doesn’t stop there, the ant-bacterial qualities have also been shown in a couple of tests to help deal with acne and blemishes.

2) It’s Packed Full Of Antioxidants

We seem to be reading almost every day in the papers that we need more antioxidants in our diets, to help fight against free radicals. Well the curcumin found in turmeric is the component we have to thank, used for centuries as a form of medicine due to its levels of antioxidants.

But on top of that, some of the recipes for turmeric latte will also include ginger and cinnamon, two other ingredients which will add a further dose of antioxidants.

3) A Great Pain Cure For Arthritis

The moment any pain from arthritis occurs, we normally grab some paracetamol, however what many people don’t know is that the curcumin found in turmeric has been shown to work almost as good as ibuprofen in pain reduction, when taken in the right dosage. Having said that, supplementing with curcumin on its own hasn’t been shown to work as well, therefore you should consume it in the form of turmeric.

4) Turmeric Can Help Manage Or Prevent Heart Disease

A scary amount of people in the Western world suffer from heart disease largely due to our diets and lifestyles. Having said that, a little bit of turmeric can go a long way, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

5) Improved Cognitive Function

Turmeric is increasingly being recommended to people above the age of 60, as it has been shown in multiple studies to help improve cognitive function. One test, where they gave one group curcumin and the other a placebo, showed a significant uplift in mood and working memory from the group that took the supplement. The thought-track that followed was that it was improving the blood flow towards the brain.

6) Full Of Essential Minerals

We have quickly listed some of the key antioxidants and other key nutritional information, but what you may not know is turmeric holds a strong amount of both iron and manganese. Manganese can help improve bone health and is important in blood sugar regulation, while iron is important for the immune system function and is crucial towards the creation of haemoglobin.

7) A Boosted Immune System

Nobody likes being ill! But turmeric can be your nutritional doctor, being anti-fungal, anti-viral and useful for increasing your white blood cell count. With strong microbial characteristics, you should benefit hugely from the immunoregulatory benefits.

8) Fighting off Diabetes

Approximately 3.5 million people in the UK suffer from diabetes, while this figure only seems to be increasing with time. However, many diabetes charities and organisations are pushing people to add turmeric into their diet as it can reverse insulin resistance and lower your blood glucose levels. It works wonders when partnered with ginger, which is a common ingredient in Golden milk.

9) Helping To Relieve Depression

We have previously spoken about the huge effect curcumin can have on your cognitive function and mood, as well as being used as a supplement for people suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, however it can also help people who suffer from depression. It’s also a safe and natural alternative to some of the medicine that is offered to patients, while it can be done without any medical supervision.

10) Fighting Cancer

There has been belief for a long time that turmeric can be utilised as a great ingredient in tackling cancer. However, Cancer Research UK have directly stated that there needs to be more evidence before openly stating it can 100% help. Having said that, the American Cancer Society state that following studies they found that it helped by interfering with the molecular pathways cancer takes in order to spread throughout the body, which was huge! We still need more definitive evidence before openly stating this, but it certainly has looked hugely positive!