Sugar-free Agave Lemonade

Sugar-free Traditional Lemonade

Naturally refreshing, sweet and zesty.


240ml (8 fl oz) fresh lemon juice
160ml (5.5 fl oz) Xagave
1L (32-40 fl oz) water

Mix the lemon juice and Xagave in a pitcher or jug. Add water and stir well. Serve with ice cubes or crushed ice and enjoy.

It is as simple as that - so quick and so delicious! This healthy and natural lemonade has no man-made, synthetic ingredients or added sugars and syrups, simply lemon, nectar and water! It is the perfect drink for Summer BBQ's, garden parties and picnics. Best served in the sunshine and enjoyed with family and friends.

Recipe sourced from Xagave Organic Agave Nectar Cookbook
Image sourced from BBC Food Ingredients.