Women at a Loss. Millions Suffer as doctors underestimate the seriousness of female hair loss

Hair Loss

With the majority of women admitting that losing their hair would be the worst thing that could happen to
their appearance, it is clear that the condition and its psychological effects should be given greater priority.
“Because we are still searching for a reliable cure for genetic hair loss, GPs often fail to take patients
seriously when they present with signs of thinning hair. Although hair loss is not life threatening, it is life
altering. Therefore, the message that we’re trying to convey from the World Trichology Society is that this is
a serious problem and, though there is presently no 100% dependable cure, there are treatment options and
combinations available that can greatly improve a woman’s psychological health and quality of life,”
says Dr Kingsley.

As a result of hair loss being dismissed as a serious problem, over a quarter of women have been left feeling
depressed, while a fifth worried if a serious disease may be the underlying cause.  And with 60% of women
believing stress to be a key reason for their hair loss, it seems there could be a vicious cycle at play for a large
proportion of female sufferers.

Psychologist and author, Corinne Sweet explains how hair loss can affect women: “Unfortunately, women’s
emotional distress at the state of their hair is often dismissed.  However, there is a definite psychological loss
of status, self-esteem and self-confidence when hair thins or even falls out.  This is because hair is a
‘secondary sexual characteristic’, and as such, is a serious weapon in women’s sexual, and sensual, armoury. 
In films and novels women toss their locks to attract a man, it creates a ‘come hither’ signal, linked to
flirtation and reproduction.
Thus, when hair drops, so can a woman’s self-worth.  Serious hair loss can lead not only to depression, but
agoraphobia, even suicidal feelings, as women can feel the the world is too harsh and judgemental for them
to deal with.  Women can fear they are no longer sexy or seductive, or able to compete at work or go out
socially.  Thus it is essential women receive the right advice about the treatment options available to them
to help them achieve improved feelings self-worth and restore their enjoyment of life.”

Birgit Beer, a professional opera singer, explains the impact that hair loss has had on her life:
“As someone who has to get up and perform in front of people for my job, confidence is absolutely
everything. When I started losing my hair it affected me in every way. My confidence and self-esteem
dropped and that had an effect on my performance. It was embarrassing and really difficult to talk to people
about but it’s amazing knowing now how many women have been through the same situation. When I was
looking for treatment I was worried about the side effects of prescription medicines might have so was so
happy to find a product with a natural active ingredient like Marilex which is derived from the sea.”

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