National Nutrition Month - March 2015



National Nutrition Month - March 2015

National Nutrition Month - March 2015

National Nutrition Month occurs every March in the USA and is designed to focus attention on the importance of making informed decisions about food choice and developing a sound eating plan and good physical activity habits. “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle is the theme for 2015 which is about developing good eating habits whilst taking into account each individual’s food choices and preferences – focus on moderation.

There is not one diet that works for everyone. Keep your unique needs and lifestyle in mind and consider enlisting the help of a Nutritionist if you have particular problems such as allergies or intolerances.

There are increasing numbers of the population who are overweight and the scheme encourages everyone in this category to adopt eating and physical activity patterns that are focussed on consuming fewer calories, maintaining a healthy weight, reducing the risk of chronic disease and promoting overall good health.

The main principles are to eat a wide range of foods, try new things, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, cut down on saturated fat and sugar and try to eat more fish in your diet if your food preferences allow.  Try to find time to study the food labels and you may be surprised at the content – it is recommended to avoid foods that have a high salt content.


Eat Well Plate

Many people find it helpful to use the Eatwell Plate as a guide for their daily diet, with Vegans substituting an alternative for Dairy Products such as fortified Soya Drinks.


Good Luck with your efforts !!