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Knead Bakery

We are led to believe that as many as 1 in 5 people claim to have at least one food allergy which can range from experiencing uncomfortable or embarrassing symptoms right through to being life threatening due to your immune system responding to a certain foodstuff as if it was a threat.

Many people have started following “free from” diets in an attempt to improve their general health and well being and perhaps to avoid the “sugar hit” experienced after indulging in a sweet treat as well as those formally diagnosed with a condition such as Coeliac Disease requiring a Gluten Free diet.

We are very excited about the new range of cookies we are selling from the Knead Bakery which are not only free from gluten and wheat but also cane sugar, yeast, dairy products  and casein  and have a certification confirming this. They also do not contain any additives or preservatives. The owner Sim Smith, a former journalist has suffered from multiple allergies herself since she was young and with support from her family found that she did not always have to miss out on delicious treats. She knows only too well the stress and frustration of constantly reading contents lists on packets only to find it contains something she cannot tolerate and has experienced the unpleasant aftertaste which seems to be present in some products designed for allergy sufferers.

The sweetness in her products is achieved by using low glycaemic index sugars such as xylitol, agave nectar and fructose. The American Style Cookies manage to be salty as well as sweet, the Ginger Cookies are sweet and spicy with a background kick from freshly grated lemon zest whilst the individual Double Indulgence Brownies benefit from unsweetened cocoa and xylitol sweetened dark chocolate chips all offering a delicious, occasional treat complimenting a healthy, balanced diet.

Why don’t you give them a try and let us know what you think ?

Knead Bakery Classic American Cookies 100g

Knead Bakery Ginger Cookies 100g

Knead Bakery Double Indulgence Brownie