Teapigs Jasmine Pearls Tea

I have a new found love for an assortment of hot beverages since we began scouring the vast array of brands we could offer our customers; one brand we were all clamoring for in the office was Teapigs. With their beautiful packaging, genius blends of leaves, spices, herbs and flowers and cute names we eagerly anticipated their arrival so we could switch the kettle on.

Upon opening the Teapigs Jasmine Pearls Tea Temples carton the evocative smell took me back to a beautiful tea plantation I visited with Keeley, in Chiang Rai Thailand back in 2008, where I first met and fell in love with the delicate floral scent and smooth flavour of Jasmine Tea. Each box contains 15 biodegradable tea temples, which feel like silk to the touch, that are lovingly filled with whole hand rolled green tea leaves from the Fujian Province of China which are then wrapped in pretty fresh jasmine flowers. I left 1 Jasmine Pearl temple to infuse for around 5 minutes in a cup of fresh, just boiled water and watched as the little balls gently unfurled and delivered a little magenta jasmine flower as if by magic. The smell of the Jasmine tea is absolutely heavenly once brewed, the first sip delivers a light floral hit with a distinct green tea aftertaste. I would suggest leaving the temple to infuse for a shorter time if you dislike a strong green tea flavour.

I very much enjoyed my 10 little minutes of escapism with the Teapigs Jasmine Pearls; they will definitely be permanent resident in my kitchen cupboard.

Teapigs Jasmine Pearls Tea cost £5.19 for 15 temples.