March 2013 Product Picks

  • Since February I have not been able to go a day without having a Dragonfly Tea Organic Moonlight Jasmine Green Tea and at only £1.89 a box it hasn't been breaking the bank! For health reasons I like to drink green tea everyday but it isn't one of my favourite teas so discovering this organic green tea and jasmine tea has been an exciting find and one I will be treasuring. Since a tea tasting outing in Northern Thailand 2008, Jasmine tea has always been one of my favourites and this beautiful organic Jasmine tea from Dragonfly Tea with the addition of added powerful green tea properties is a winner. An organic, handmade and high quality tea in a handy non-bleached tea bag (ideal for me at work) and at a fantastic price - a must for fellow jasmine tea or green tea lovers
  • Everybody and anybody that shares the need for peanut butter in their life needs to be trying and stockingWhole Earth Original Crunchy Peanut Butter 340g, or any of the Whole Earth peanut butters come to think of it. The crunchy version is my favourite; it is extremely crunchy and nutty - crammed full of crushed peanuts. I have tried many peanut butters and unfortunately some of the healthier varieties just do not do it for me but I have finally found one that does. The Whole Earth brand is a carbon neutral brand, vegetarian approved and their peanut butter is free from all nasty ingredients including unnecessary additives and sugars. Just three natural ingredients; peanuts, sustainably and ethically sourced palm oil (an absolute must!! I avoid all palm oil products unless I know it has been sustainably sourced.) and salt. I always have a spare jar of this in my cupboards so I never run out, I love to eat it on rice cakes with sliced banana but also use it in baking too. Currently retailing at £2.79 for 340g and worth every penny
  • A.Vogel Echinacea Throat Spray has saved me this month, I know I always bang on about echinacea but it is such a fantastic herb, particularly in the form of this topical throat spray with the added help of natural sage
  • The eczema on my hands always suffer from washing up liquids and cleaning detergents but as it is a daily task that needs to be done I just persevere and use creams and ointments to treat it when it gets bad. Whilst adding the Earth Friendly Products range to the site and being drawn to the beautiful scents and the environmental benefits of natural washing detergents, I tried the Earth Friendly Products Dishmate Washing-Up Liquid Natural Almond 750ml in my home and since I have experienced little irritation or inflammation and if I am honest my hands and their skin condition has never been so good. The combination of the plant based surfactant and the natural almond is doing the trick. The washing up liquid itself is brilliant too; it foams up nicely and is deep cleaning, long lasting and smells really good
  • I have always been wary of facial oils as my skin is naturally quite oily, especially on my t-zone however I had read rave reviews about the Green People Anti Ageing Facial Oil 30ml so decided to give it a try. I have been using the oil as part of my nightly skin care regime for almost 3 months and my skin is significantly improved. My pores are visibly reduced and my skin is softer overall and looks healthier, I would even say the amount of oil my skin produces has decreased as I don't get as shiny either. I will definitely continue to use this Green People oil- the natural essential oils or rose geranium, rosemary and jojoba are very soothing at bed time too! This oil is extremely nourishing so I can see it being a beneficial product for those experiencing the early signs of ageing and to hopefully help keep them at bay
  • I have been meaning to purchase a aluminium and paraben free deodorant for a while because I have very sensitive armpits (strange, I know!) and I wanted to see if eliminating these from my deodorant would help. I have been using the Jason Natural Purifying Tea Tree Deodorant Roll On 85g for the past few weeks- it is cooling and refreshing; I love the smell of tea tree oil and the underlying grapefruit scent is nice too. This deodorant could easily be used by men and women as the fragrance is subtle. I have definitely noticed an improvement in the condition of my underarm skin but I have realised that I need to re-apply the deodorant throughout the day to keep 'unpleasant smells' at bay which I know I wouldn't need to do with an aluminium based product. I will continue to use this product because I believe in using aluminium and paraben free beauty and healthcare products and I love the scent