April 2013 Product Picks

  • This month I have been putting Pure Potions Skin Salvation Bath Oil in my daily bath to help my skin. I have always suffered with dry, sensitive skin that is prone to eczema. The Pure Potions Oil is lightly fragranced with natural essential oils that and due to its rich, naturally moisturising properties this is a bath emollient I will be using regularly; not only does it relieve my skin but it leaves it really soft too
  • I love the Amy's Kitchen Chunky Tomato Soup- I really don’t know how they do it with simple, whole ingredients but this soup is the nuts. A sprinkling of grated cheese stirred in gives it something extra special. I have never tasted tomato soup in a can that even comes close to this. I have stocked up on this soup and am thinking of trying it as a base for a sauce for Spaghetti Bolognese. You have to try this- it will be the best £1.59 you have invested on a meal
  • My hair can be unruly at the best of times- it is very thick, easily knots and matts and has taken a beating over the years from colouring and heat styling. I had been thinking of trying the Jason Natural Smoothing Sea Kelp Conditioner for a few weeks and recently invested in a bottle. It smells of holidays; I think the combination of fruit, flower and seaweed extracts gives it a naturally tropical scent. The conditioner itself is very thick; I was glad that it was a larger than average bottle (480ml) thinking I would get more use out of it than a standard bottle but when I realised how little I needed to use each time I wash my hair, I was even happier as I know this will last me ages- it is definite value for money. A small amount of the Jason conditioner coats my hair very well, I shampoo and leave it on the ends of my hair for 5 minutes in the shower then rinse well. My hair is so soft and easy to brush after washing and smells extremely good! The condition of my hair has drastically improved since using the Sea Kelp conditioner, I love it! I probably wouldn’t suggest this for someone with very fine hair as it is very rich and could easily weigh it down
  • Mrs Crimble's Chocolate Coated Rice Cakes are starting to become a bit of a mystery in my house; I bring them home from work and when I go to get one from the cupboard all I find is the empty wrapper- very annoying! These are a great snack at only 81 calories per rice cake; perfect for a sweet treat now and then, especially for those who can’t or don’t eat foods with gluten in. My daughter enjoys hers with a bowl of chopped banana and I am convinced my other half sneaks these out the house, to eat on his way to work, when I am not looking. I like them just as they are but they are particularly good dipped in a bowl of strawberry yoghurt. They have just the right amount of chocolate on and are sealed in packs of three to retain freshness
  • Lamberts A-Z Multi Tablets 60 – A product definitely worthy of recognition. I have used this multi-vitamin for about 3 years now and feel it is about time I shouted about how good it is, I believe it is a big contributor to my good health! I have always been a fan of the Lamberts supplement range; high potency supplements, high quality ingredients and made in the UK. Three big boxes ticked there for me. The A-Z Multi supplement provides all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need at the 100% RDA in one handy tablet and at a fantastic price of RRP £7.30, currently £7.19 at NHB. One pot is enough for 2 months, making it great value for money and it is suitable for Vegetarians. In my opinion this is the best multivitamin on the market at the moment - a real good all-rounder that can be trusted
  • Nakd Ginger Bread Bar - If you like ginger and you like cinnamon then you must try this, a word of warning though - they are pretty addictive!! The Nakd bars are simply raw fruits, nuts and wholefoods squished together into a soft bar. Made in Britain, suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians and gluten, wheat and dairy free. No added sugars and syrups and never baked - nothing bad about these bars, pure natural delicious goodness