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Travel Miniatures

Travel Miniatures

Travel Miniatures

Here at Natures Healthbox, we understand that when you're planning to go on a short break or business trip you don't want to fill your luggage allowance with full size spray's and bottles. Natural and organic travel-size miniatures make packing your bags a quick and easy process, so shop out selection selection of tiny Travel toiletries & sample sized essentials today!

What are some examples of toiletries?

Our miniature toiletries for travel selection includes sunscreen, Soap and Shampoo. And if you're looking for a smaller tube of Toothpaste you'll discover them within our Dental Care range of products.

How long will a travel size shampoo last?

If you you shower once a day, depending on your use, a travel-sized shampoo should last you between a 1-2 weeks at a bare minimum.

Can I put toiletries in my carry on?

You may be able to bring both liquid and solid toiletries in your hand luggage but liquids must be in clearly marked 100ml (or less) containers, which should then be placed into a transparent, resealable, airtight bag for approval by airport security.