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As a member of the grass family, barley was one of the first ever cultivated grains and is now a major cereal grain grown worldwide. 

Is barley grass the same as barley?

Yes! Barley grass is simply sourced from the leaves of the barley plant.

What are the benefits of eating barley?

Barley is full of beta-glucans that may help to reduce unhealthy levels of Cholesterol. It is full soluble and insoluble fibre too, which may be beneficial to those with Digestion & Gut Health issues or those on a strict Slimming & Weight Loss plan.

What does barley grass juice powder do?

Organic Traditions Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder 150g contains a rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which are full of Antioxidants to help fight the effects of harmful free radicals.

Is barley gluten free?

No! Like wheat and rye, barley is another grain that cannot be consumed by those on a Gluten Free diet.

Is barley grass a Superfood?

Barley grass is fast becoming a common ingredient at health food products, which has lead it to be dubbed as a 'superfood'.

What can I do with barleygrass powder?

You may wish to add barleygrass powder to your favourite shakes, smoothies, Drinks & Beverages. Some people even add a little powder to their home-baked Bread recipes too!