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Cold & Flu

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Cold & Flu

Natural Supplements for the Flu & a Cold

The Natures Healthbox selection of natural Cold & Flu medicines provide you with some of the most world renowned alternative remedies from nature itself.

What is cold and flu?

The common cold and seasonal flu is caused by a virus. Cold symptoms tend to include congestion, a runny nose, Cough & Sore Throat, while flu symptoms may include aspects of a cold but notably heightened by a headache, fever and/or muscle soreness.

Does taking vitamins help with a cold?

While supplementing with certain Vitamins won't necessarily reduce the risk of catching a cold, they may speed up recovery time and reduce the severity of your symptoms. With this in mind, most experts believe that the best vitamins to take when sick are Vitamin C and Vitamin D, as well as the Minerals; Zinc and Selenium, which are all known to boost the Immune System.

Do probiotics help with cold and flu?

They might do! In much they same way that vitamins won't necessarily reduce the risk of catching a cold, taking Probiotics may also help reduce the severity of your symptoms and speed up recovery time.

Which supplement is taken for the prevention of getting a cold or the flu?

In Germany, the government approves the use of Echinacea for the treatment cold & flu symptoms and upper respiratory tract infections - more about this in our blog; Echinacea: A passing trend or wonderful winter remedy?.