Affiliate Program

If you're a publisher and would like to earn some commission by directing potential customers through to our site then please do get in contact. 

Key Info:

  • Commission : 7.5%
  • Cookie Length: 60 days
  • Product Feed: Yes
  • Affiliate Platform: Paid On Results
  • Average Affiliate Conversion Rate: 14.57%


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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact by emailing us at and we will do our best to help out. Otherwise, we have included a number of questions and answers below, which we hope will be useful.

Why Should I Become An Affiliate Partner?

If you're reviewing a health or nutrition product that we stock on our site, you can direct the link towards the product page and if they go on to make a purchase, you will be rewarded with commission. On top of this, you will be awarded with commission on each item they purchase rather than just the product. Most of our customers look to increase their basket size to benefit from free delivery, meaning they may purchase 3-5 products and you will get 7.5% commission on the entire basket value.

Unlike a normal paid job, being an affiliate offers you a form of passive income, meaning you can take the day off and the website will still earn the same amount of revenue for yourself.

How Do I Join The Programme?

You click through to the PaidOnResults link near the top of the page, which will take you through to our branded page on the website. Set yourself up with a publisher account and then you can apply to become an affiliate with our brand, at which point we auto accept applications. From that point, you can either download some of our creatives to be used through your advertising methods, or you can look to add links with URL tracking.

Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work?

Absolutely, we have over 700 affiliate publishers signed up on our website earning a huge amount of commission. In fact, affiliate marketing is growing rapidly and is increasingly an important avenue for revenue for many, with people putting more trust in comparison websites, review articles or social ads. We work with a number of affiliates who do this as a full time job, earning up to 6 figure salaries.

What Are The Chances Of The Visitor Converting?

This will partly depend on the relevance of the link from the original article. For example, if you write an in-depth review about the product and the link is pushing them to make a purchase then the conversion rate will probably be very high, whereas if the link is just pushed from a homepage or a random social advertisement then it might be lower. As we stated at the start, our average conversion rate over the past 6 months from our affiliates is 14.57%. The conversion rate will also depend partly on the product and whether there is a high demand for it at the time, therefore seasonality does play into the equation.