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Bites & Stings

Bites & Stings

Bites & Stings

Natures Healthbox has a wide variety of natural bite & sting treatments, which include antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. 

What are some of the signs of an allergic reaction to a bite or sting?

Bites & Stings are a benign reaction to the venom or protein of a wasp, bee, fly, flea, tick or other insect, after they have bitten you. An insect bite or sting will often cause small (but usually harmless) reactions in and around the area of the skin in the form of minor swelling, pain, redness or itching. In most cases insect bites & stings will heal on their own, however as many may prove aggravating and unsightly, it is often useful to apply suitable treatment.

What bug bite causes a burning sensation?

Bites from brown recluse spiders or fire ants may cause a burning sensation alongside a sharp, uncomfortable pain.

When should I be concerned about a bite?

If your bite and sting symptoms do not start to improve within a few days, or they have got worse, you should consider the consultation of a medical practitioner.

What is best for stings and bites?

Bromelain is a protein-digesting enzyme derived from pineapple, which is thought to be beneficial for swelling, while a regular consumption of Garlic is thought to repel many insects (via the sweat glands). And for that more convenient, on-the-spot approach, we offer a selection of specially formulated insect bite sprays, ointments and creams.