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Natures Healthbox offer a range of natural allergy treatments that are designed to balance your Immune System, so that it works efficiently and significantly reduces a proneness to allergies.

What are allergies?

Allergies are a form of chronic disease that affect over 150 million people across Europe. Here in Great Britain, the country is one of the top three in the world for the highest incident of allergies, with an estimated 21 million adults suffering from a least one type of allergy. Many individuals suffer unnecessarily from seasonal allergies when simple natural remedies may offer effective allergy relief.

What are typical allergy symptoms?

A runny nose, wheezing & sneezing, or itchy, watery, and red Eyes are all usually caused by our immunes system’s overreaction to the harmless substances that are often found in pollen or animal fur. 

How do I know if its sinus or allergies?

While sinus infections and allergies have similar symptoms, they particularly differ in the colour and texture of mucus. If you have a cold, the mucus from sneezing or coughing tends to be thicker and green/yellow in colour, while an allergy produces much clearer and thinner mucus. Allergies also tend to cause itchiness around the eyes, whereas a sinus infection will not.

How do I make my allergies go away?

Even though conventional allergy medicines often provide relief, Natural alternatives work in the exactly the same way but have far fewer side effects, such as drowsiness and other adverse reactions. However different people benefit from different remedies, so it may be worth trying more than one to see which works the best for you. Recent research also suggests that maintaining a presence of 'good bacteria' in the gut will reduce the incidence of allergies. With this in mind, taking a high quality Probiotic supplement alongside a varied diet that includes fermented foods and Drinks, may also prove beneficial.

Another study suggests that consuming local Honey from where a person resides will help their Body adapt to the surrounding allergens, and as result, significantly lower the chances of that person experiencing seasonal allergy symptoms.