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Washing Up Liquid

Washing Up Liquid

Best Eco Washing Up Liquid UK

Have you ever asked yourself "What can I use instead of Fairy Liquid?". If so, let Natures Healthbox open your eyes to a world of alternative washing up liquids, which unlike conventional brands, are sourced from mineral and plant based ingredients. Fully biodegradable and fragrance free, these products take as good care of your dishes as they do your Hands!

Is washing up liquid bad for environment?

Despite what they might have you believe, many of the conventional brands of washing up liquids actually contain some pretty unpleasant stuff containing. Synthetic preservatives, Skin irritants and potentially harmful perfumes are but a few of the sort of harmful ingredients these products contain. However times are changing, and as consumers are becoming more aware, brands such as Method, Ecover and Attitude have met their demands, revolutionising the way we wash with a selection of some of the best plant based washing up liquids around.

How do you make natural washing up liquid UK?

Why make it when you can simply buy it online, right here at Natures Healthbox! Let us take the hassle out of your day with our offerings from some of the best loved brands within the current natural market.