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Gluten Free Baking UK

How can I replace gluten in baking?

Get your gluten free baking supplies at Natures Healthbox and experiment with all we have to offer you, which may help to make your Gluten Free home-baking recipes a huge success.

How is gluten-free baking different?

Gluten free Baking can often prove difficult to adapt in home-based recipes. As gluten is a structural Protein that binds many foods together, it is important to always try and use high quality alternatives, such as Xanthan Gum, Polenta, cornflour or Rice which give your breads, cakes and pastries a familar but lighter texture without the gluten content.

Can I bake with gluten-free flour?

Yes, but be advised that most gluten free flour's will not provide the necessary proteins for structure-building, resulting in a final bake that may be tender or crumbly. Most gluten free baking experts tend to agree that a gluten free Flour is best used for Cookies or muffins.